The West Virginia Roughriders Move to the NAL

Written by Chris Mabry

In 2020, the West Virginia Roughriders will be entering their fourth season. For the past two seasons, the Roughriders have been playing in the North division of the American Arena League. After winning the AAL championship in 2019, the West Virginia Roughriders abandoned ship exiting the league.

Now with less than five months from the start of the Indoor football season, the team searched high and low for a new league. On Wednesday, October 23, 2019 the West Michigan Roughriders announced that they have found a new league and will announce more on Monday October 28, 2019.

However, according to Brice Burge, host of “AFT Buzz” and several other sources the West Virginia Roughriders have decided to join the National Arena League (NAL).

On behalf of all of us at AFT, welcome to the NAL and have a great season.

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