The Tucson Sugar Skulls Hire New Head Coach

It’s a new day in Tucson, Arizona as the Sugar Skulls have hired Dixie Wooten as their new Head Coach and GM. From 2017-2019 Wooten was with the Iowa Barnstormers where he was Coach of the Year and a United Bowl Champion.

During his time with the Iowa Barnstormers, he was 36-8 in the regular season & 2-1 in the postseason. Hurtis Chinn the Offensive Coordinator and Malcolm Nelson, the Defensive Line Coach/Special Teams Coach were on Wooten’s staff in Iowa from 2017-2018.

This is the second season for the Sugar Skulls in the IFL and they hope to improve from their first round exit last season.


  1. wow. everyone said he was going to a small college/high school. Why would he do this to us, especially since the barnstormers are doing really well righ now? Are the barnstormers about to fold like the danger? was he offered more money? Can anyone explain this to me? im very confused why he left, although i didnt watch the press conference.

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