Green Bay Blizzard Get Fourth Win of 2019; Currently In IFL Playoff Mix!

Source: Facebook/Green Bay Blizzard
by Chris Mabry
​Last Night, the IFL kickedoffed week 7 with a rivalry from the days of the AF2 is quickly heating back up. The Quad City Steamwheelers are traveling to Green Bay to face the Blizzard.
To show that these two teams still had a rivalry, the Blizzard started the game off with a dart that was completed for a 80-yard touchdown. In total, the Green Bay Blizzard scored a total of 6 touchdowns, 6 PAT’s, and a rouge for a total of 34 points. Blizzard Quarterback Lenorris Footman became the leading passer for Green Bay. Footman went 10-13, 141 YDS, and 4 TD’s. The teams leading rusher for the game is also Lenorris Footman. He carried the ball 8 times, went for 26 yards, and a touchdown. As for the leading receiver of the game, that honor belongs to Kezlow Smith. He got the ball three times for a total of 64 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Two Blizzard players got personal foul penalties that resulted in a warning and the referee also gave a warning of possible ejection to the PA announcer and the Blizzard sideline.
On the other side of the ball is the visiting Quad City team. The Steamwheelers scored a total of 4 touchdowns, and 3 PAT’s. They even tried with a field goal but missed out on three points. Quarterback E.J Hilliard went 12-15, 145 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Hillard is also the leading rusher by only running the ball once and going for a total of 40 yards. As for the leading receiver, that player is Keyvan Rudd. He went 89 yards on 4 attempts that accounted 2 touchdowns.

Quad City Steamwheelers next game is on April 20 at home against the Tuscan Sugar Skulls. For Green Bay, the Blizzard will take on the Nebraska Danger next on April 13 […]