Spokane Makes a Shocking Return

Written by Chris Mabry

Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls the Spokane Shock are back in the game. They are heading to the Indoor Football League (IFL).

Spokane has a rich history of playing in the indoor/arena football. The first Spokane Shock franchise began in the af2 from 2006-2009. In their first 5 years of play they made it to the playoffs every season including winning the ArenaCup in 2006 and 2009.

Then when the Arena Football League returned after suspending play in 2009, they started their 5 year stint in the Arena Football League (AFL). In their first year in the AFL, they won ArenaBowl XXIII in their own arena.

After the 2015 season, Spokane made the transition from the AFL to the Indoor Football League (IFL). With the new league came a new name change. Instead of going with the shock name, they decided to call themselves the Spokane Empire. In 2 seasons, they went 20-12 and won a conference championship. After the 2017 season, they decided to cease opperations and for the next three seasons played no football.

Now, as of this afternoon, the Spokane Shock made the official announcement that they will be joining the IFL as the Spokane Shock. So, on behalf of the AFT team welcome to the IFL and good luck on the 2020 season.

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