Empire-Brigade Game 2 Playoff Recap


For two weeks, the Baltimore Brigade and Albany Empire squared off in a home and home playoff series where the total score from both games will determine who will advance to the Arena Bowl on August 11. In game 1, it was held in Baltimore, MD. In that game, the Empire won the game 61-33.

In game 2 which was tonight it was no different. From the moment they touched the ball, they were out for blood. In this game, the Empire had 10 possessions. Nine of them were touchdowns. Three of them were either on defense or special teams.

Quarterback Tommy Grady for the Albany Empire 4-5, 82 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Leading rusher for the Empire was Mykel Benson. He carried the ball four times for 12 yards and even recorded a touchdown in the game. Finally, the leading receiver for the team was Collin Taylor. He caught the ball three times for 59 yards and a touchdown.

Even though the Baltimore Brigade didn’t win the game, Wide receiver Joe hiss was the one bright spot of the game. He caught the ball five times for a total of 22 yards and one touchdown. Not only that, he showed his athletic ability and even ran the ball. Even though he ran only once, he ran the ball six yards for a touchdown.

As for the stats from the game, here is a breakdown

Score 62 21
Rushing Yards 14 61
Passing Yards 134 110
Total Yards 148 171
1st Downs 11 11
3rd Downs 2 of 4 1 of 9
4th Downs 1 of 2 1 of 3
Penalties/Yards 4/28 6/31
Time of Possession 28:33 31:27

The Albany Empire will play either Philadelphia or Washington on August 11. The site of the big game is unknown but it will go to the highest seed remaining.

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