Cobras beat Streets, but lose to streets of NY

Wild Inaugural Season for NY Streets

The newest National Arena League football team started with great promise. First game out of the gate, they traveled to Jacksonville and surprised everyone with a 52-41 road victory over the Sharks. . .a Sharks team that hasn’t lost since.

Though the arena at Westchester is small, the Streets played big in their first home game, clobbering the Orlando Predators 70-31! Week 3’s most anticipated game was the battle of the undefeated New York Streets and Carolina Cobras. The 48-33 Cobras victory was closer than the score suggests. Then, New York went back to Florida, collecting their third victory in a one point classic win over the Predators–54-53. Then. . . things took a dramatic turn for the worst.

They’ve now lost 9 straight games, with their most recent loss being the strangest of all. It ended at halftime! The Carolina Cobras were making light work of the hapless Streets going into their locker room with smiles on their faces and a 46-0 lead. Those smiles quickly faded…

Carolina Cobras Facebook

Right when the Cobras thought they were getting the best of the NY Streets–they discovered the streets of NY had gotten the best of them. Some villainous thievery was amiss! Many have surmised that the streets up there are dangerous, but this was not expected!

Streets Coach, Rick Marsilio, came out for the second half and did an interview where he said that despite being down 46-0, him and the guys, “will never quit.” Fans and viewers on MSG Network were baffled when Cobras players went back into the locker room. . .then the Streets players! After nearly a 40-minute half time break, a few players came back out, gave fives and hugs, and the PA Announcer finally gave the following reveal:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve received this official word: There’s been a security breach involving some missing items in the Carolina locker room. As a result, the Cobras have called for a halt to this contest. We’ll have updates on social media and on the Streets website. . .etc. . .” On the network, you can hear a few fans screaming “I want a refund!” Fans cleared out quickly, but you have to wonder if they’ll continue to be fans.

Hear the full audio here:

Credit: Carolina Cobras Facebook

What This Might Mean

  • New York Streets are expected to provide security for visiting teams locker rooms. If there was no security guard in the area, some Cobras players and/or coaches could call for litigation.
  • One might wonder how the Cobras would be credited with a win if they are the ones that called a “halt to this contest.” Though they had a near insurmountable lead, any team that calls a for a halt to a game, is typically credited with a forfeited loss. How will the NAL sort this one out? Commentators on MSG Network mentioned that if personal information was stolen, it was imperative for players and coaches to get to the airport quickly (if they were flying), or if credit cards were stolen, immediate action on the part of the Cobras would be necessary to prevent charges from the villainous crook(s).
  • What looked promising for the Streets franchise at the beginning of the year has morphed into the polar opposite. Some who follow the Streets commented that it looked like a record-setting night in attendance (which was an abysmal, estimated 500). Now you have to wonder if those fans will ever come back. Reports have been made that the Streets and Westchester County Center are working together to provide fans with refunds. Of all the teams in the NAL who didn’t need another expense, it would be Corey Galloway’s Streets. The attendance has been awful! Many fans are predicting this is the end of the New York Streets franchise. We hope not!
  • Fans of the NAL may not be for very long if stuff like this happens again. If games can be called at halftime, ticket buyers may be leery attending future games.
  • MSG Network must be upset about this consider they had commentators in house and TV programming scheduled for a full game, and suddenly had to shift gears. The Commentators, however, handled it well and explained things the best they could.
  • The Carolina Cobras entered this game with two shutouts in their last three games. They had outscored opponents 202-28 in those three weeks, so no one expected the Streets to win. Because the game was “halt”ed, we’re assuming the Cobras have now had 3 shut-outs in 4 games (3.5 games), which is something I never thought was possible.
  • Regardless of the Streets hardships, they’ll likely have one thing they can brag about. They’re the only team to beat the Jacksonville Sharks this year.
  • Some have surmised that the Cobras used this “security breach” as an excuse to not finish the game and risk players health, with the playoffs looming. After watching Cobras coach, Billy Back get interviewed at half time last night, this assumption is likely rubbish. He said, “We want to beat them 64-0 in the second half.” Watch the video here:

    He was looking forward to more football! And frankly, so are we!

Regardless of what has happened, the NAL is getting interesting this year. Friday night had a 52-46 Columbus Lions overtime win over the Orlando Predators. Saturday night was almost identical as the Sharks beat off the pesky Pirates 54-47–also in overtime. Both games were great football. Let’s get back to that!

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