Breaking News! Arena Football League on Thin Ice

Written by Chris Mabry


In August, we saw the Albany Empire win Arena Bowl 32 defeating the Philadelphia Soul 45-27. Now, entering the 2020 season the league is unsure if the league will continue to operate.

According to, the Albany Empire and other teams have ceased operations. The report did not specify the other franchises. Also reported by and the commissioner of the Arena Football League there was a multi-million dollar lawsuit from 2009-2012. This was before the current administration. So far, the AFL has had to reevaluate its business model.


As of right now, the AFL is unsure if it will suspend operations all together or if they will continue for the 2020 season.

Stay with AFT for more information as it develops.

Update as of 4:24 PM CT

According to 50yarddash on twitter and instagram the Arena Football League has suspended operations.

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